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Date Link Description
7-27-2007 Mom and Dad in Europe Liz and Cal Holman on a cruise through Europe - photos taken by Liz and Cal - not me.
10-04-2008 Mary Holman turns 50!!! Pictures taken at Mary's 50th Birthday Bash. What a lot of fun. Gave me a chance to try "people" pictures - still need some work.
11-30-2007 Copper Canyon Trip Pictures on a trip into northern Mexico to the Copper Canyon. A family vacation.
9-10-2007 Dublin, Ireland and York, England A few pictures during a business trip to Europe. Dublin for a day - so not many pictures, then York, England where I had a weekend. In this group are Photos of York, The Yorkshire Dales and Hadrian's Wall in north England.
9-08-2007 Cary and Annie Taylor Wedding The wedding of Cary and Annie in Chicago.
9-07-2007 Chicago Weekend A few days in Chicago for a wedding allows for some great big city touring. The buildings, lake and river offered some great photo opportunities.
8-25-2006 New York Bus Tour An afternoon on top of a double decker bus generates a lot of pictures of a company outing. New Yorks on a New York bus tour.
6-11-2006 Alaska Cruise Cruise to celebrate Cal and Liz Holman's 50 Wedding anniversary.
5-21-2006 Italy Trip Trip to Italy
9-30-2005 Charleston Trip Trip to Charleston for a Board Meeting Virginia Ann serves on with the College of Charleston
10-01-2005 TSYS Prepaid NYC Cruise A cruise on the Hudson and East rivers for the TSYS Prepaid Team.
06-12-2005 San Diego Wild Animal Park and Zoo We took the "Safari" ride through the park and were able to get close.
04-15-2005 Arizona Cactus Flowers and Sunsets in Phoenix and Nogales Arizona
11-06-2004 USMA 79 25th Reunion 25th Reunion Pictures for the USMA Class of 79
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06/07 Monument Valley
06/07 Arizona
11/27 India
09/27 Africa
06/27 Barcelona
06/16 Columbia River
12/01 India
09/10 Europe
11/17 India
09/19 Europe

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