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Ocean Trees Trees on the edge of the cliffs to the Pacific Ocean near Ocean Beach and the Cliff House. San Francisco, CA 2016/06/12 cliff house, ocean beach, trees, 75.0 mm F5.6
Ocean Wildflowers Wild flowers near Point Lobos on the Pacific Ocean cliffs San Francisco, CA 2016/06/12 point lobos, trees, wildflowers, cliff house, 24.0 mm F7.1
Before Fsall Trees around a lake in North Carolina in late summer. Highlands, NC 2012/09/22 trees, tree, pond, 100.0 mm F4
Frosted Trees The early sun hits a section of trees which are covered in a light ice. Highlands, NC 2010/12/28 snow, trees, 100.0 mm F8
Forest Color The leaves of the North Carolina forest in fall. Highlands, NC 2008/10/17 fall, trees, 95.0 mm F14
Tall Forest Trees climb the hills in the Great Smokies. Highlands, NC 2008/10/16 fall, trees, 55.0 mm F22
Lake Hillside Lake foliage in North Carolina. It was a cloudy day so the light was pretty good. Highlands, NC 2008/10/16 fall, trees, lake, hdr, 58.0 mm
Forest Stream Light tries to reach the stream in the forest. Brevard, NC 2008/10/16 forest, hdr, trees, 24.0 mm
Autumn Sun Sunlight through the autumn trees Highlands, NC 2007/10/14 trees, fall, autumn, 35.0 mm F25
Mountain Color A tree in the autumn mountains Highlands, NC 2007/10/14 trees, fall, autumn, 85.0 mm F25
Mountain Lake The lake behind our house in Highlands Highlands, NC 2007/06/26 lake, clouds, trees, 17.0 mm F18
Pretty Tree On the shore of the Hudson a park shows off several pretty trees. Cold Spring, NY 2007/05/04 trees, 28.0 mm F11
Tree Trash The wind off the Hudson pushes trash into the trees. New York, NY 2007/02/21 trees, 38.0 mm F11
13 Pictures found, displaying all Pictures.1
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