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View from Torpedo Wharf Way out in the bay the view of the Golden Gate is across a lot of bay water San Francisco, CA 2016/06/12 golden gate bridge, golden gate, bridge, torpedo wharf, 24.0 mm F13
Stage Austin City Limits stage with a mural of the Austin skyline as a backdrop. Austin, TX 2014/08/10 austin city limits, acl, music stage, 70.0 mm F2.8
Georgia in the Snow Our home in Columbus under snow fall - that is Columbus GA where it should not snow. Pretty cool shot - several shots taken with Virginia Ann's iPhone and stitched together by Cal. Columbus, GA 2014/01/30 house, snow, 4.28 mm F2.4
West Point and the Hudson A panoramic view of West Point perched on the heights over the Hudson. West Point, NY 2013/09/15 usma, military academy, washington hall, cadet chapel, the plain, 115.0 mm F11
West Point From the Plain of West Point. The new Library is on the left, Washington Hall in the center, with the Protestant Chapel on the hill and on the far right is Arvin Gym. West Point, NY 2013/09/13 usma, plain, arvin gym, Protestant Chapel, 47.0 mm F18
Snow and Buffalo Buffalo dot the landscape on the Madison River. It was pretty cold - and snowing so the picture is not as clear as i would like. Yellowstone Park, WY 2013/02/28 yellowstone, buffalo, snow, madison river,
Snow Capped Lone Mountain on the left and the Spanish Peaks in the distance. Yellowstone Club, MT 2013/02/27 yellowstone club, skiing, ski, ski slope, 40.0 mm F9
Grand Central Station Hand held panorama of Grand Central Station - such a beautiful building with people going this way and that. New York, NY 2013/01/11 grand central station, grand central, 24.0 mm F3.2
Deck the Capitol The Texas State Capitol at Christmas Austin, TX 2012/12/01 capitol, state capitol, texas flag, flag,
Royal Crescent The Royal Crescent in Bath, England. A beautiful building built in an semi-circle around 1770. Bath, England 2012/09/28 royal crescent,
Family A little calf looks toward mom and dad as a crazy photographer clicks away. The big guy is looking at me and in a few moments would move my way. Could have something to do with my red truck. Austin, TX 2012/01/08 cow, calf, bull,
Texas Christmas The Moonlight Christmas Tree in Austin Texas Austin, TX 2011/12/17 zilker, zilker park, Moonlight Tower, christmas, christmas tree,
Stonehenge Soft sun hitting Stonehenge - a pano taken over the fence as the sun rises. My favorite of the series. Stonehenge, England 2011/09/27 stonehenge,
Stonehenge Full A panorama of Stonehenge with the Slaughter Stone - not really just on of the entrance stones which fell over. Stonehenge, England 2011/09/27 stonehenge, Slaughter Stone,
Balance How do those old stones stay up there? Stonehenge, England 2011/09/27 stonehenge,
Misty Stonehenge in the early morning mist. Stonehenge, England 2011/09/27 stonehenge, fog,
Sunrise Canyon Yaki Point at sunrise Grand Canyon, AZ 2011/09/18 grand canyon, yaki point, sunrise,
Moran Point Moran Point - I really liked this stone ridge against the red walls of the North Rim. This view point is named after the landscape painter Thomas Moran who came here for the first time in 1873. Grand Canyon, AZ 2011/09/18 grand canyon, moran point,
Grand Sunrise The sun rising over the Grand Canyon from Yaki Point looking west. The colors at sunrise were breathtaking. Grand Canyon, AZ 2011/09/18 grand canyon, yaki point, sunrise, landscape,
Grand View The big picture from Grandview Point. The Colorado is one busy river. Grand Canyon, AZ 2011/09/18 grand canyon, Grandview Point, landscape,
Grand Panorama Grandview Point on the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon, AZ 2011/09/18 grand canyon, Grandview Point, landscape,
Maricopa Point The view from Maricopa Point of the Grand Canyon - beautiful. Grand Canyon, AZ 2011/09/17 grand canyon, maricopa point,
Skyline My first attempt at the Austin skyline at night. It is a beautiful stretch but i need to find additional vantage points. Austin, TX 2011/04/25 skyline, austin, skyscraper,
Girl Panorama The girls at Mary and Jay's wedding pose together with a few giggles. Phoenix, AZ 2011/04/23 mary, wedding, liz, va, mom, virginia ann,
San Fransisco Panorama San Fransisco skyline from Alcatraz island. San Francisco, CA 2010/06/26 panorama, san fransisco,
57 Pictures found, displaying 1 to 25.[First/Prev] 1, 2, 3 [Next/Last]
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