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Cute Couple Virginia Ann and Sweet Pea on a walk in the winter woods. This is the last picture of Sweet Pea - she passed away at home a few days later. Highlands, NC 2014/01/13 sweetpea, va, 95.0 mm F3.5
Two Girls Riley on the top and Sweet Pea on the chair. Sweet Pea would not allow Riley on the chair but Riley wanted to be with her and be a friend. Highlands, NC 2014/01/02 riley, sweetpea, 168.0 mm F3.5
Chilling Out Together Or almost together Sweet Pea would not allow Riley on the chair - so she had to get in the same chair but on top of the cushion. Highlands, NC 2014/01/02 riley, sweetpea, 165.0 mm F9
In Bed Sweet Pea in her bed - watching what is going on Highlands, NC 2013/12/28 sweetpea, christmas, 160.0 mm F2.8
Relaxing Sweet Pea enjoys a warm chair on a very cold winter evening Highlands, NC 2013/12/28 sweetpea, 145.0 mm F2.8
Sweet Pea In Bed Sweet Pea relaxing on a busy Christmas morning Hawkinsville, GA 2013/12/25 sweetpea, christmas, 70.0 mm F5
Sleeping Cutie Sweet Pea relaxing on the road Columbus, GA 2013/12/14 sweetpea,
Front Seat Bed Sweet Pea resting on the drive from Columbus to Atlanta. Her little bed was in the front seat. Atlanta, GA 2013/11/29 sweetpea,
Forest Pup Sweetpea in the forest of North Carolina - loose. In her old age she like to stay with us and no longer needs a leash in the forest. Highlands, NC 2013/07/12 sweetpea, 105.0 mm F4
Don't Forget Me Sweet Pea watches us load the car for a trip. She is very worried we will leave with out her. Of course we could not leave her - so she went with us. Highlands, NC 2013/07/12 sweetpea, 105.0 mm F4
More Treats - Please Sweet Pea, our little Jack Russell, stairs at her treat ball - which is empty. Highlands, NC 2012/12/29 sweetpea, treat, treat ball, 100.0 mm F2.8
Sleepy Russell Sweetpea relaxes in her bed during Virginia Ann's birthday celebration. Hawkinsville, GA 2012/12/24 sweetpea, 90.0 mm F8
Reading with a Friend Virginia Ann's mother looks through a book Virginia Ann received from her team at TSYS. Sweetpea looks on - trying to see the pictures. Hawkinsville, GA 2012/12/24 sweetpea, mother, birthday, 47.0 mm F8
Water Pup SweetPea in her water gear - well just a harness. But she looks great and loved being in the pontoon boat all afternoon. Highlands, NC 2012/07/06 sweetpea, water, Lake Jocassee, 105.0 mm F6.3
In the Stream Virginia Ann and Sweetpea hiking in the mountains of North Carolina - they are standing in the stream at Secret Falls Highlands, NC 2012/05/20 secret falls, waterfall, water, va, sweetpea, 47.0 mm F5.6
Jack Rabbit Sweetpea jumps a log on a forest hike Highlands, NC 2012/05/20 sweetpea, 82.0 mm F6.3
Sweetpea at Pigpen Sweetpea at Pigpen Falls - a little nervous on top of the rock. But still cute. Highlands, NC 2011/12/31 sweetpea, 47.0 mm F4
Time in the Woods Cal, Sweetpea, and Virginia Ann enjoying Pigpen Falls on a hike on the last day of 2011. Highlands, NC 2011/12/31 cal, va, virginia ann, sweetpea, pigpen falls, 24.0 mm F4
Hikers on a Log Sweetpea and Virginia Ann navigate a log bridge on a long hike in the North Carolina woods. Highlands, NC 2011/12/26 sweetpea, va, virginia ann, 45.0 mm F4
Fine Group The Holman Box at the Columbus Steeplechase - Darren Whatley, David Moore, Mary Cross (Cal's sister), Jay Cross, Virginia Ann, Cal and Sweetpea. Pine Mountain, GA 2011/11/05 steeplechase, daren, david, virginia Ann, cal, va, mary, sweetpea, 7.507 mm F11
By Ginny Lee Highsmith, Cal Holman, Sweetpea, and Becky at Dry Falls. Ginny took the picture - great huh? Highlands, NC 2011/09/03 lee, highsmith, becky, dry falls, waterfalls, sweetpea, 70.0 mm F4
Boaters Kathy Moore, Virginia Ann, and Sweetpea on the water at Mill Creek on Lake Jocassee. Lake Jocassee, SC 2011/07/04 va, virginia Ann, kathy, moore, sweetpea, 45.0 mm F6.3
Water Dog Sweetpea peers into the depths of Lake Jocassee while on a pontoon boat. She was a great little boat pup having quite a good time while on the water for 4 hours. Lake Jocassee, SC 2011/07/04 sweetpea, Lake Jocassee, 105.0 mm F6.3
Walking Sweetpea Virginia Ann and Sweetpea on one of many walks over the 4th of July holiday. Highlands, NC 2011/07/03 Virginia Ann, sweetpea, va, 182.0 mm F6.3
River Break Virginia Ann and Sweetpea on the riverside at Granny Burrell Falls in Panthertown. A long hike to visit several falls. Highlands, NC 2011/06/30 cal, sweetpea, va, Granny Burrell Falls, waterfall, 88.0 mm F6.3
249 Pictures found, displaying 1 to 25.[First/Prev] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 [Next/Last]
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