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This is artwork was created by Cal's uncle - Bud Holman. His website is

If you would like more information on Bud's art drop Cal a message.

You can click on the images below for a larger picture

This painting was painted for our family room after Bud visited us in Georgia. Bud took some of the red clay from the area around Columbus for inspiration and created this Georgia landscape.

This is a companion painting of the Georgia landscape and is of the Arizona landscape.

These two paintings are early works of Bud Holman painted around 1948.

These are five abstract paintings done in the style of his recent paintings.

These paintings span several years of Bud's career. On the left is a chalk drawing of adobe pueblo. In the center is a recent oil painting of a similar scene. On the far right is an older oil of a pueblo.

These paintings are from the 1960s while Bud was living in New York.

A collage made of shells and wood found on the New York beaches - glued into a box and then painted.

Bookcase painted by Bud

Box painted by Bud

Pizza Paddle painted by Bud

Step stool painted by Bud
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