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God Bless America
CBX The oldest is Renee, a 1979 CBX. This is a 1000cc 6 cylinder classic. I really wanted one right out of school but could not afford it until 17 years later.
This is Michelle - a 1980 Kawasaki 1000 LTD. This was a motorcycle my roommate in Germany bought and then sold to me. I rode it until he was able. We have been across the US twice together.
This is Dyna, a 1992 Dyna Daytona Lowrider. A Harley for those who may not know motorcycles. This is a limited edition motorcycle commemorating 50 years of bike rallies in Daytona.
The latest bike is Raquel, a 2000 Ducati 996. This is an Italian racing bike which is really more than I can handle - but very fun to ride.
What's New
11/27 India
09/27 Africa
06/27 Barcelona
06/16 Columbia River
12/01 India
09/10 Europe
11/17 India
09/19 Europe
03/27 Dubai
01/06 Sweet Pea

New Pics
Total Eclipse
Solar Flare
Last Darkness
Diamond Ring
Eclipse in the Cl...
Dark Sky
Clouds with littl...
Red Clouds
Almost Gone
The Sun
Sliver of Sun
Tiled Windows
Fantastical Build...
Over the Top
Old Factory
Saint Jordi

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