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CBX The oldest is Renee, a 1979 CBX. This is a 1000cc 6 cylinder classic. I really wanted one right out of school but could not afford it until 17 years later.
This is Michelle - a 1980 Kawasaki 1000 LTD. This was a motorcycle my roommate in Germany bought and then sold to me. I rode it until he was able. We have been across the US twice together.
This is Dyna, a 1992 Dyna Daytona Lowrider. A Harley for those who may not know motorcycles. This is a limited edition motorcycle commemorating 50 years of bike rallies in Daytona.
The latest bike is Raquel, a 2000 Ducati 996. This is an Italian racing bike which is really more than I can handle - but very fun to ride.
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06/27 Barcelona
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12/01 India
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11/17 India

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