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Welcome to the Holman Family Web Site  21 April 2018
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Gardens Couple - Pine Mountain, GA - 2009-11-08
Gardens Couple
27 December 2017

We took advantage of our knowledge of North Carolina to plan a trip to photograph the full eclipse. It was a fun day with our initial spot in Highlands being clouded over we raced west off the mountians to find a clear sky. Cal set up minutes prior to the eclipse but took some nice pictures.

We have been slow to update the pictures on the site - so we have pictures going back to early in 2017 to post. it has been a busy year. Ending with two great trips abroad.

Cal has wanted to take a trip to Africa ever since seeing the animals in pictures his Grandfather took in the 60s on safari. Finally able to take the time Virginia Ann and Cal spent 2 weeks in Africa - all of it on safari.

Cal took over 1000 pictures a day - that has been culled down to about 250 or so. It was fun and something I hope we can do again.

A business trip to India coincided with Photo Tour led by Art Wolf's organization. Art came to Austin and gave a lecture on Photography as Art. The tour was difficult for Cal as it was centered on people and the various tribes of northwestern India

There are several portraits which came out very nice. If you have a chance take a look in Adventures. There you will fine our trips to the Columbia River, Barcelona, Africa, and India

Virginia Ann is liking retirement and has been busy with our new home in North Carolina. Cal continues to work in Austin. And little Riley is just as cute as ever.

We are on Facebook - well both Virginia Ann and Cal have accounts on Facebook for some time. But now family photos and Cal's better images will be posted to Facebook at the same time they are posted to this site. Other photos uploaded will have links in Facebook to this site.

Be sure to check out the new photography site Cal Holman Photography . Some of my favorites.

Please enjoy the site - and leave a comment for Cal and Virginia Ann in the Guest Book.
This is the family site of Cal and Virginia Ann Holman. Cal Holman built the first site in 2001 and has steadily built the current site you are browsing. Cal Holman has used several technologies - all around Java open source projects. Virginia Ann provides the Technical Support for the site - often having to reboot or trouble shoot remotely.

There are several photos of Cal and Virginia Ann Holman - some fun is to check the hair styles for Virginia Ann over the years or watch the puppies over the years. Take your time and browse - if you have an idea or like something let Cal and Virginia Ann know via the Guest Book.

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