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GO 06/27/2017      Trip to Barcelona

GO 06/16/2017      Columbia River Cruise

GO 12/01/2016      Trip to India

GO 09/10/2016      Trip to Eastern Europe

GO 11/17/2015      Trip to India

GO 09/19/2015      Trip to England and Brussels

GO 03/27/2014      Trip to Dubai

GO 01/06/2014      Updated Sweet Pea page in family section honoring his companionship for 16 years.

GO 10/12/2013      A new PUPPY!!

GO 06/28/2012      Uptime Statistics of CalAndVA. A free monitoring service - Pingdom - is providing monitoring and also has a web service allowing realtime access to the statistics.

GO 06/20/2012      Updated the Google search pages to their new API - you can search the site.

GO 01/20/2012      Display ALL Photos

GO 11/30/2011      Trip to Ireland and England

GO 10/20/2011      24 hours in the Grand Canyon National Park

GO 02/02/2011      Created the ability for Cal and VA photos to be shared on Facebook

GO 02/14/2010      Updated Baileys page in family section honoring his companionship for 17 years.

GO 02/07/2010      Added controls for browsing a search list at the picture level - also added a slide show of a search list - so you can pick a group of pictures by keyword or category and then start up a slide show of the list. See the controls on the picture page.

GO 10/20/2009      Vacation to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park

GO 03/30/2009      Mom and Dad on a cruise through Europe in June of 2007. These are photos they took on the trip. On Portfolio page a few entries down.

GO 11/15/2008      Brought up a new site which displaces the best of Cal's photography - or what he thinks is the best. Check it out from the sites page.

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06/27 Barcelona
06/16 Columbia River
12/01 India
09/10 Europe
11/17 India

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