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GO 11/27/2017      Trip to India

GO 09/27/2017      Trip to Africa

GO 06/27/2017      Trip to Barcelona

GO 06/16/2017      Columbia River Cruise

GO 12/01/2016      Trip to India

GO 09/10/2016      Trip to Eastern Europe

GO 11/17/2015      Trip to India

GO 09/19/2015      Trip to England and Brussels

GO 03/27/2014      Trip to Dubai

GO 01/06/2014      Updated Sweet Pea page in family section honoring his companionship for 16 years.

GO 10/12/2013      A new PUPPY!!

GO 06/28/2012      Uptime Statistics of CalAndVA. A free monitoring service - Pingdom - is providing monitoring and also has a web service allowing realtime access to the statistics.

GO 06/20/2012      Updated the Google search pages to their new API - you can search the site.

GO 01/20/2012      Display ALL Photos

GO 11/30/2011      Trip to Ireland and England

GO 10/20/2011      24 hours in the Grand Canyon National Park

GO 02/02/2011      Created the ability for Cal and VA photos to be shared on Facebook

GO 02/14/2010      Updated Baileys page in family section honoring his companionship for 17 years.

GO 02/07/2010      Added controls for browsing a search list at the picture level - also added a slide show of a search list - so you can pick a group of pictures by keyword or category and then start up a slide show of the list. See the controls on the picture page.

GO 10/20/2009      Vacation to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park

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11/27 India
09/27 Africa
06/27 Barcelona
06/16 Columbia River
12/01 India
09/10 Europe
11/17 India
09/19 Europe
03/27 Dubai
01/06 Sweet Pea

New Pics
Total Eclipse
Solar Flare
Last Darkness
Diamond Ring
Eclipse in the Cl...
Dark Sky
Clouds with littl...
Red Clouds
Almost Gone
The Sun
Sliver of Sun
Tiled Windows
Fantastical Build...
Over the Top
Old Factory
Saint Jordi

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