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Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is digging into chipmunk holes in heaven. She died after 16 years of loving friendship with us.

This page contains many of our favorite pictures of little 'Pea

To see all the photos of Sweet Pea in the Scrapbook use this link -->>> Sweet Pea in the Scrapbook .
Virginia Ann looks for over three years for the perfect Jack Russell puppy. The problem was there was no standard for the breed - so you had to see both parents. Finally she found the right one - Sweet Pea came to live with us. She loved Baileys - even going as far as to howl with her little terrier throat.

Sweet Pea relaxing on the couch. She fell asleep watching TV.

How cute is that little girl!!!
Sweet Pea moving across the kitchen floor in 1998.
A close up of the cutest little Jack Russell - at least in our world - Sweet Pea. Here she is in her backyard bright-eyed and stubby tailed.
A very mad Jack Russell - Sweet Pea is very protective of Virginia Ann so if anyone comes near the house the fur goes up. Outside she only gets mad at other dogs - and loves people.
Virginia Ann watched TV while Sweet Pea chews on a toy in her lap.
Sweet Pea in profile - nesting in an angora throw.
Sweet Pea peeking through a log - looking for the ever elusive chipmunk.
Virginia Ann on a forest hike with Sweet Pea - she would go anywhere with us.
Virginia Ann with a resting Sweet Pea - play hard and rest hard.
Napping on Virginia Ann's lap while she works on her laptop
Nothing like a nap in the sun.
Sweet Pea with a favorite toy - the monkey. This shot got Sweet Pea into a calendar - see below.
Sweet Pea was asked to pose for a calendar being assembled by the Muscogee County Humane Society. While she did not make the cover - maybe next year - she was included.

See her in the top left? We need to get her on the cover - or at least her own month. Tough competition, that is a pretty good picture of the bulldog.

Here is the orginial picture - Sweet Pea and Monkey
Sweet Pea in a picture which looks like an oil painting - enjoying a weekend in Highlands.
Virginia Ann walking Sweet Pea in Highlands - around the nearby lake. This was a favorite walk for the little pup.
Virginia Ann and Sweet Pea ready for the Highlands Christmas Parade to begin. It was a very cold day and Sweet Pea did not last the whole parade and rode back home inside Cal's jacket.
Virginia Ann and Sweet Pea walking in Highlands in a snow storm.
Sweet Pea relaxes in her favorite chair at home. She was so cute arranging herself sitting with her arms on the arm of the chair - like a little human.
Sweet Pea and Vriginia Ann in Columbus reading the paper on St Patrick's Day - note the shamrock bandana on Sweet Pea.
Sweet Pea really liked the snow - she would not wear any of the jackets Virginia Ann would purchase. Here she is doing what she would do every few feet - looking for rodents under the snow.
Sweet Pea saw horses at the Steeplechase but not up close. At a stable at Weslyann College (Virginia Ann's alm amater) she was able to get close enough to sniff the huge animal. Here she looks through the fence at the horses.
Sweet Pea nose to nose with a horse
Sweet Pea on Lake JJAJAJAJ in a pontoon boat over the 4th of July holiday. One of our faviorite pictures with her green Puppia.
Sweet Pea relaxing
Sweet Pea watching to make sure she is not left behind as the car is packed in Highlands. Now she is the one going ahead of us. We will see her again one day.

Little 'Pea was a great little companion - well loved and loving

Sweep Pea


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Click here for more photos of Sweet Pea .
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