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A tiger!!! After a quick bite at 0600 we headed out in open jeeps on safri. It was cold so we were adorned with blankets and hot water bottles. We went on two safris each 4 hours long. Only in the morning was a tiger sighting.

This is a female tiger who walked in some brush 100 feet from the jeep (open air). She disappeared shortly after this picture.
There were plenty of other animals to take pictures of in the park. You could see why the tigers liked living here - there were plenty of herbafores.

A little deer and mom in the forest.
Many beautiful birds. The guide took us to a small clearing near a lake and there were birds everywhere.

A woodpecker

The jeep move at a good clip from one good hunting area to another. As we were traveling he spotted these owls. After the drive backed up i still could not spot them they were so well camoflaued.

The terrain varied as the park is very large. There were woods, thick brush, open savana, and marsh areas. Here a bird walks in one of the marh areas.

Monkeys everywhere - but they moved when we would come by. There was a troop near a stream who seemed to enjoy the attention.

A mother and little monkey
Monkeys in the afternoon sun

A monkey drinking from the stream.

A couple of deer? who did not seem that mad at each other so maybe just praticing.

Getting a good going over by a deer?

A wild boar moving through the forest

Several crockadials in the marsh area. It was a cool day so the corckadials were sunning themselves near the water.

An eagle high in a tree over a lake. Our jeep was up on a ledge level with the tree tops.

Not far from the eagle was an owl

This golden bird was very common.

A deer drinking at one of the lakes. Hopefully watchng for the crockadiales.

Both safaris were fun and full of picture opportunities. Glad to see a tiger. A couple at the hotel (which was a tented camp) had been out on 4 safris and spotted a tiger on every trip. Even the guides were surprised at their luck.

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