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Hells Canyon

Today we are at the furthest point east we will travel - Clarkston. Lewiston is on the other side of the Snake River and is in Idaho. Today we will be in all three states - Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We loaded up into jet boats of 30 or so people and spent the day in Hells Canyon carved by the Snake River.

The S.S. Legacy as we are leaving for Hells Canyon in our jet boat.
Another view of the fracture pattern that forms as the surface cools and then is propagated down as it cools into basalt forming long geometric columns.

We were hoping to see mountian sheep in Hells Canyon and not 15 minutes into the ride we saw a group way up on the canyon walls. By the end of the trip we saw several groups and the jet boat tour operator said we were very fortunate to see as many as we did.

A small mountian sheep calf

The landscape was very barren but in the valleys where there were streams trees were established.

Hells Canyon with the Snake River

While few trees, the wild flowers were beautiful growing on the hills.

A little cabin on the very rocky shore at Buffalo Eddy which was a crossing point for the Nez Perce Indians.

Hills along the Snake River with purple wild flowers

A very beautiful landscape with green hills and wildflowers.

An egret at Rogersburg, Washington which is the furthest you can drive into Hells Canyon from the north.

There is a small river emptying into the Snake River (Grande Ronde River) creating an eddy.
Trees!!! Way up on a hill were a few trees on the otherwise barren hill side.

The jet boat docked for lunch at Garden Creek Ranch. The ranch was right at the confluence of the three states - Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. It was located in Idaho. Great lunch and some time to explore the area.

An owl at the ranch high up in a bird house on the side of a barn.

Turkeys roaming the ranch

A deer caught eating an apple from a small orchard.

The view of the Snake River north from Garden Creek Ranch

The welcome sign for Oregon on the far bank of the Snake River - there was no trail or any type of access except driving by on the river.

A group of mountain sheep at the Snake River's banks.

The smaller sheep were cute

On the Snake River looking up the Salmon River.

Hells Canyon along the Snake River

We saw several Bald Eagles on the trip - most in flight. This one was nice enough to pause for a picture on a nearby tree.

On the Washington side of the Snake River we stopped at Buffalo Eddy to view the petroglyphs left by the Nez Perce dating from 4,000+ years ago.

We left Clarkston in the evening heading down river like Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark camped overnight on an island near the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers located near what is now the sister cities of Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington.
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