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City Walk

We all arrived the day before the cruise and had a chance to walk around Portland before the trip.

In the evening we all went to South Park Seafood for a great meal - and they have a pretty cool fish inserted in the exterior of their building.
It also happened to be the weekend to celebrate LGBT so Portland was ready for the influx of visitors. We ate breakfast at the The Original Dinerant which had a pretty big selection of baked goods to include rainbow cupcakes which were attractive.

Portland is a bit different

The US Bank skyscraper dominants the downtown skyline

Years of paint and rust built up on a lamp post. Taken while waiting for the girls to come out of a store.

There are the coolest drinking fountains scattered around downtown.

The ship's bell on the S.S. Legacy. The S.S. Legcy will be our home for the next week as we travel east on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

Bill, Liz, Jay, Mary, and Virginia Ann all enjoy a cocktail on the forward deck as the S.S. Legacy heads down the Willamette River toward the confluence of the Columbia River.

The city of Bridges - lots of bridges downtown

The signs long the river

Large storage facility - probably a grain mill

Drydock for creating or servicing the many ships along the river

Fremont Bridge and below the bridge you can see Portland getting smaller and smaller

For the initial meal we sat at one of the booths in the dining room which could seat 6. We liked the arrangement so much that for the rest of the cruise someone had to rush to the dining room and stake out our table. This became easier when Jay won the Captain's poker game and our table was designated with a small sign "Champion's Table".

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