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Masai Mara National Reserve Safari
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We went looking for the Dik Dik Pride of Lions and cubs that are approximately 7 months old.
Always headed to where the tracker believed cats to be before sunrise - hoping to catch them active. These ladies are sleeping.

One looked up as we moved around them.

Then we came upon a Mother and son Leopard who was about a year old.

Angry cheetahs - not sure what the issue was but they were pretty angry.
Hopefully she is full and not looking at us in the jeep

A mother and her male cub - the "cub" is the one on top. He was trying to play but mom did not feel like playing.

Kay said the son was about the age he should leave the mother.
Thompson's Gazelle

Warthog running

A giraffe up close showing a few scars

A giraffe nibbling the tender tops of trees

A troop of baboons moving across the savanna

We came upon a family of Hyenas with small pups.

A very small Spotted Hyena. We could not decide if the little ones were cute - they certinally do not grow up to be cute.

A young Spotted hyena peers over some wood at the guy with the camera

Helmeted guineafowl

Spur-wing Plover

After lunch we saw a Wildebeest crossing and the Bandit Mongoose.
Wildebeest crossing a small stream - as if it were a raging river. It was amazing to see a whole field of Wildebeest all of a sudden turn and move to the crossing picking up speed as they approach the water.

Young Wildebeest running to the stream crossing

Once the Wildebeest crossed the stream they slowed to a walk and began feeding again.

Banded Mongoose

We then headed into a Maasai Village which was a 20-minute drive. We have video and still shots of our visit to the Village.

The Maasai men are known and respected for how high they can jump standing in place.

Virginia Ann and Cal dancing with the Maasai

The men danced and then led us dancing into their Village

House of the Maasai made of mud and straw with small pieces of wood.

The side of a Maasai home with a small window and stool

We took a peak into one of their huts but the heat, incense and small quarters were stifling so we returned to the outside.

The children were taking care of the sheep, goats and cows nearby. The women then sang songs to us welcoming us to their community.

The women laid out their wares for us to see in hopes we would buy from them. We didn't see anything we wanted and the prices were high. They like to barter but we were not that interested so we were back to the jeep for the return drive to our Camp.
On the ride back, we saw the same two Cheetahs.

Sleepy Cheetah

We saw a black and white bird that was a Gray Backed Stripe. It may be called a Rattling Systic Caller.

Back at camp, we had lunch with Tania and Roseann then we were out with Roseanne for an afternoon drive.
We saw the Dwarf Mongoose which is the smallest Mongoose in Africa.
Dwarf Mongoose looking around

Zebra scratching it's back on a tree

We got great shots of a small herd of Zebras on a creek bed.

We saw two Little Bee Eaters.

We saw a group of lioness and cubs between 6 and 8 months old feeding off a freshly killed Wildebeest.

Lions enjoying a meal

A lion with something stuck in his mouth

Then Kay shared with us the Masai names of two males who rule this pride. Ollorpapit (big mane) and Olbarnot (young man).

When males get to be 12 or 13, the younger males kill off the older ones and take over the pride.

If there are any young cubs, they kill the young off as in infanticide and then the female lions come into heat and mate with the new males.
Cat fight at the Wildebeest over who can join in the feast

Cleaning off a cub

One eyed Cape Buffalo giving us the eye

Little Red-billed oxpeckers on the Cape Buffalo

Sunset was not as pretty but we enjoyed a Tusker beer and chatting with Kay before returning to Camp.

We had dinner with Tania that evening and enjoyed salmon and lamb.
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