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Serengeti National Park Safari
Friday September 15, 2017

Up at 5AM, coffee served in the tent at 5:30PM and then off for a game drive at 6:00AM.

We saw Egyptian Geese, Black Chested Snake Eagle. Herds of Zebras single file along the ridge line and then groups all headed to the Mara River at sunrise.
A little early for this Spotted Hyena

We saw a Serval Cat, or a miniature Cheetah being chased by a herd of barking Zebras. He climbed the tree then ran again until they stomped him to death on a rock. Our guide and driver had never seen this before and seemed very concerned.
Serval running from the zebra. Only a few minutes later the zebras had killed the little cat.
Bad zebras looking into the rock pile where the body of the Serval cat lay
We then rode over to three lions who had just killed a Zebra and one was still eating while a gang of Zebras looked on in mourning.

The female lion had killed the Zebra and the young 2-year old males had feasted first. Zebra are mean and territorial.
A lioness eating zebra - which we had little sympathy for after the Serval cat incident.
Lazy male lion after a meal
Male lions
Male lion with a messy face
One of the male lions got up and moved to the kill. Once he did the lioness backed off and let him eat.

Lions and acacia tree on savanna

A short ride away was a small pride of lions playing and enjoying the morning

Lion drinking water

Young male lion

Two of the young lions then went toward the zebra and practiced stalking. Remarkably the zebra did not seem to worried.

Catching some rays

Lion on tree sharpening claws

At 8:30AM, we stopped for breakfast on the Serengeti. We had sausage rolls, fresh pineapple, banana muffins and boiled eggs.
We wanted to see a Wildebeest crossing the Mara River. This was not that crossing but we were able to see Zebra leading Wildebeest - typically the Zebra are bold and make the move first.

Once they start the Wildebeest all seem to know they should run to the river/stream and get across as a group. Here a small Wildebeest jumping small stream

Zebra on a ridge line

Zebra coming down to water for a drink

We saw three Giraffes - one with an Oxpecker Bird eating all the ticks on the neck of a Giraffe. The males are noted by the tips of their horns which have no fur.

Giraffe closeup

Yellow Billed Oxpecker on a giraffe neck

The Yellow Billed Oxpecker eats insects and ticks. Both the English and scientific names arise from a habit of perching on large wild and domesticated mammals such as cattle and eating arthropod parasites. It will also perch on antelopes such as wildebeest. In a day an adult will take more than 100 engorged ticks.
Giraffe pattern

The Black Backed Jackal has occupied eastern and southern Africa for at least 2-3 million years
Zebra colt and mother

Zebra colt nuzzling mom

Leopard tortoise moving slowly along - we wondered how it survived with all the dangerous animals about.

Hippo bones near a stream

Zebra watching us watch him

Giraffe in a ditch - yes the giraffe is standing up

Big lion resting under a tree

Male lion cleaning himself - just like a little kitty

Wildebeest portrait near camp

On way back to Camp, we saw a Black-faced Monkey.

We saw a pack of Mongoose who are akin to Meer Cats.

Lunch was back at Camp at 1:00PM. Then rest before going out on an afternoon drive at 4:00PM.

Several Reed Bucks along the stream's edge.

We saw a Long Crested Eagle on top of the tree.

We saw a large pride of baboons. Leopards and baboons do not get along and a baboon can down a Leopard.
We saw a Verreaux's Eagle Owl in a tree with pink eyelids.

A Hammer Cock Bird and colorful Kingfisher.

This is a Grey Headed Kingfisher
We watched a Saddle Billed Stork fishing

Giraffe in the setting sun

A stork in silhouette

Martial Eagle hunt baby Gazelles and had the leg of a hare he was eating up in a tree.

Cape Buffalo

Sunset of the Mara River

Sunset on the Serengeti

At dinner by the fire we saw the Milky Way and Scorpio.

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