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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari
Friday, September 22, 2017

We were up again at 5:30AM with coffee at 6:00AM. Cal was off on another game drive by 6:30AM.

Cal and Carmuschi tried to catch the Rhino's silhouette in the dawn hour.
I came down to the main house for tea and internet service before riding horses at 7:15AM.

The livery is very quaint with some 39 horses. There are 12 former polo ponies for guests to ride and 27 ponies that the Craig's keep for playing polo. The Stable Manager is Miranda. After tacking the horse and getting my helmet on we were off for a ride through the bush.

Vital, my horse, was very gentle. Ramona, the guide, led us through the fields and across the plains. We walked right up to the Giraffes and Zebras and saw a baby Zebra.

We saw a Rhino sleeping and as he smelled us he raised his head. We avoided getting any closer and rode in the opposite direction. We rode near the Candelabra trees and cactus near a creek where you could hear rushing water. Then we road by a group of Baboon under the shade of the trees near the creek.
Cal saw a brown, white and black bird.

The African Hoopoe

They were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt, and were "depicted on the walls of tombs and temples".
White Rhino coming at you

Then we came upon the White Rhino and baby.

White Rhino grazing

Grey Crowned Crane

The grey crowned crane is the national bird of Uganda and features in the country's flag and coat of arms.
Grevy's zebra under acacia tree

Resting rhino with layers of mud

We were looking for an elusive Black Rhino with her second horn larger than the first. As we were searching we came upon this baby giraffe in the middle of nowhere. We could not see the mom.

Cal and Muschi set out on a quest to find the Rhino with the very long second horn. They saw a cute smaller Giraffe like the one I saw while on horseback eating leaves and thorns.
This valley has a beautiful stream creating the vegetation. We would descend into the valley looking for the Rhino.

We came on an animal like an antelope with curly horns.

It was a Coke's hartebeest
Savanna and tree

Finally, we found the Rhino with the very long big second horn sleeping in a field that the jeep could not access. She was sleeping with her little one.
Grant's Gazelle

Waterbuck with beautiful horns.

Warthog eating - he has to get on his knees because his neck is so thick he can not bend down to the ground.

Young gazelle

Young gazelle

The commercial aircraft we used between the camps. There were two airlines servicing the many camps in Kenya.

Two male Impala - one much younger based on the horns

Secretary Bird

Secretary Birds specialize in stomping their prey until the prey is killed or immobilized. This method of hunting is commonly applied to lizards or snakes.
Plains Zebra drinking - note the stripes go under the belly.

Before lunch, Cal and I shared a Stoney Tangwazi that tasted like a carbonated lemonade with ginge. We had lunch at 1:00PM. New guests, Sheila and Kent arrived from L.A.ish. We sat across from Julian and Men at lunch. Julian loves Netspend's business model and wants to introduce Netspend to his contacts in Asia.

Julian has started several companies remaking himself many times over. His first marriage ended in divorce with two children now in their 20's. He was born in Pakistan but was sent to London to boarding school. He attended London's School of Business, did a stint at Harvard and was on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's Think Tank. One of his business was reality TV and another online gambling. He wants to meet Chuck Harris, President of Netspend.

Julian shared his perspectives on wealth. If you are worth $60 Million to $600 Million you end up paying for everything. But if you are worth $1 Billion to $25 Billion, you don't have to pay for anything because everyone just wants to be associated with you and will pay to have you in or near their presence.

Julian gave Cal his card and we hope to introduce Chuck and Julian when Julian comes to the US next year.

We had coffee at the Main House at 4:00PM then we were off for a walking safari.
Carmuschi's brother took us on this safari with another guide. One guide walked in front of us with a rifle while the other held a spear and walked behind us. The walk along the creek bed was beautiful. With walking stick in hand, we went to the back of the Camp and walked along the river's edge framed with beautiful trees.

Maassi guide

We walked along a stream near the hotel. This waterfall was very plesent.

Egyptian Geese

We saw a beautiful Rock Fig Tree, and a small crocodile on a river rock who jumped into the river as we walked by. We saw Giraffes, Impalas and Warthogs.

Martial Eagle

it is one of few eagle species known to hunt primarily from a high soar, by diving and striking on its quarry.
Back at the room, we showered, had a cold Tusker beer and learned "Cheers" in Swahili which is loosely translated "Maisha Marifu" or "To a Good Life".

Dinner the last night was in our cottage and we went on an evening game drive where we saw the Mother lion sleeping and two cubs playing around her.
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